Sunday, December 26, 2010

Street Tree in the Fall - Norway Maple

24x24", oil on canvas
A norway maple stands juxtaposed with utility lines.
The bark twisted, splintered and limbs amputated. Still, the fall show was stopping traffic.

3 Beeches

24x24", oil on canvas

The final work from a previous post. I used a wash of yellow ocher as an under coat which was a fresh approach to this series. I don't have a set process of how I begin painting, except for sketching. I think this is an keeps me searching.


(cropped view) 24x24", oil on canvas

Elm, process

9x12", pencil on paper

18x24", oil on canvas

I have had my nose to the grindstone staying focused on finishing a group of paintings for a show at the end of January. The show will feature trees, some of which I have posted while in progress.  I am realizing the meaning of "blog" is to share the process of creating so I am making an effort to be more present. This piece is an elm that reminded me of red velvet cake... the rich colors and intense texture really screams at you.

Sunset OBX - Firepower

Sunset OBX - 5 x 5",  oil on board On what is essentially a thin ribbon of sand, stands a thread of high-wire communication lines...