Monday, September 24, 2012

48 By 60 Sycamore Process: Layering Sky & Shadows

Layering the Sky with Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Violet and Titanium White

Process Detail 1
Process Detail 2

Process Detail 3

Layering the sky trying to capture a smooth value change of deep blue on top to pale blue below.  Also, I have started working in shadows among the branches using Cobalt Blue and Phthalo Green Blue, which I think is a nice push of color on top of the Van Dyke Brown wash.  My medium is not quite half & half linseed oil:stand oil as I have a little more linseed cut into the mix.  It's starting to come together and I am heading into my favorite part of the process; detailing.

Friday, September 14, 2012

48 by 60 Sycamore Process: Under Painting

Tonal under layer

Detail of tonal under layer

Tree and sky under painting
Starting with Burnt Sienna, Van dyke Brown & Raw Umber on my palette, I worked over the graphite sketch creating a tonal layer.  At this point I am using straight refined linseed oil as my medium.  I have used straight Turpinoid as a medium for this primary layer in the past, but after reading Sadie Valeri's blog it seems it's better used for cleaning brushes than as a straight medium.  By the way, I've never met Sadie, I found her painting school/studio site while surfing for techniques.  Ah, the magic of the internet.  The sky is Ultramarine Blue.  Not really tonal, maybe a little Pop Art like.  Chalk it up to "artist license".

I can't say that this is how I approach all paintings.  I seem hardwired to what a former professor called a "global thinker".  Reading between the lines; I'm messy and often take different routes to get the same means.  Takes all kinds to make the world go around.  Paint on.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Process for 48 by 60 inch Sycamore Painting

48x60 inch gallery wrapped canvas crafted by Gary Grubbs, Black Mountain, NC
1:50 scale drawing for 48x60 inch Sycamore painting
Using a grid; free hand graphite sketch onto canvas
 Currently on my easel is a 48 by 60 inch canvas, my largest piece to date.   I have fallen in love with the sketch, thrilled to be working large again and trucking along with this commissioned piece.  I will be posting more process images in the coming days, so stay tuned... 

I want to plug the work of craftsman and neighbor Gary Grubbs, maker of custom art canvasses.  He crafted this canvas and a few other sizes for me last week.  The frames are kiln dried to %5 (preventing warping), gallery wrapped fine tooth canvasses with a triple gesso application.  I found Gary going through the archives of Ursula Gullow's blog 'Art Seen Asheville' here.  Gary is kind, does quality work (at affordable prices) and is happy to share a bear story or two.  He can be reached at (828) 669-5562. 

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