Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stars and Stripes

'Stars and Stripes', 8x10", oil on canvas
A piece from our stay on the Outer Banks.  Our fifteen year old lab, Samantha sunning herself on the deck next to drying starfish.  We were on the island during hurricane Sandy, a slow moving storm which blew for three days.  In the days following, quite a bit of starfish and conch shells were washed on the beach, which unfortunately was the least of post storm happenings.  Fishing was good and no person injured, but a lot of island infrastructure was damaged.  Highway 12, the only way on and off the island was washed away just south of Oregon Inlet.  The folks down there or our state as a whole rather, is faced with rebuilding and searching for solutions to what had become an annual problem.  I painted this post storm.  Seeing Samantha, resting in the sun next to the stars with the shadows from the railing draped across the deck, gave me a sense of peace.

Fall Aspens

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