Nov 29, 2013

Seaside Pier

"Seaside Pier", 10.5x10.5", oil on board
Revisiting the pier as the light, movement and contrast continues to inspire me to paint.  Done on wood board with black gesso, which I think helps the color pop.

Nov 10, 2013

Pier Fishers

"Pier Fishers", 6x6", oil on board
Walking the beach past Avon Pier in NC this year, we witnessed a group of fishermen catching and pulling up a large red drum in a net.  This one was too large to keep, but an impressive beauty.  The colors and action of these guys and the fish with the turning sea below was fun to paint; a nice start back to painting.  This year has been a busy one and unfortunately my painting practice has been limited.  Fresh from a much needed break on the Outer Banks, I have new material and renewed inspiration.  Paint on.

Knotted Maple with Fireflies - The Struggle is Real.

Knotted Maple with Fireflies , 24x36" oil on board I struggled with this painting. While there are struggles with most all painting...