Monday, September 09, 2019

The Magic of Corn

©Rachel Klecker Clegg, Stalks of Corn, 24x12", oil on canvas
Corn has been in the news a lot lately.  To be more specific, corn as a commodity has been making the news.  That's not what inspired me to paint this piece.  It was the magic of corn.

Inspiration came as the result of watching corn grow in our garden which we had planted off our back deck.  I had started to work from home in those days and was enjoying a break in the day under a bright sun on the back deck.  From there, I could look up at the corn blossoms.  That's when I noticed - bees.  They were dancing and gathering pollen from the flowers and as they did, some pollen would fall down and gather in the stalks.  Now, I grew up in central Ohio, a place blanketed by corn fields.  I have seen landscapes dominated by corn but, I had never seen it from this perspective.  This was more than seeing.  This was the first time I witnessed the alchemy of nature relative to stalks of corn.  This was a revealing of the magic that flows through all things.  It was beautiful.

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